Smoker? You Can Still Get a Term Life Insurance Quote

Whereas insurance companies consider smoking to be a red flag in determining your term life insurance rates, there are still ways you can reduce the cost of your coverage.  By taking steps to lead a healthier life in other ways, you can indeed get a term life insurance quote that’s both affordable and comprehensive.

Achieve a healthy height / weight ratio

If you are in good shape, with a healthy weight for your height…great news!

However, if you are overweight, then take control of your weight – and decrease the rates you pay for your term life insurance.  Coming behind smoking is obesity in influencing your coverage price.   If you are an overweight smoker, your chances for obtaining an affordable term life insurance quote is highly unlikely.

Although your lungs may not feel comfortable with rigorous cardio exercise, you can begin moderately.  For example, start with an enjoyable walk in the park, and then you can transition into a rigorous walk, and eventually a hearty run.  Not only will your health thank you, but your pocketbook will appreciate an affordable term life policy too!

Moderate your drinking

Even if you may not want to quit smoking, it is important to moderate your drinking habits – or else the insurance companies may find that you are a risky candidate.

Keep in mind that the insurance companies will ask you questions about your drinking habits, as well as your current medical conditions, including liver disease and high blood pressure.  They may also look into your driving record to ascertain if you have been convicted of DUIs.  In addition, in the medical examination, the insurance companies will specifically test your liver to check for alcohol enzyme rates.

While you may not want to quit smoking, moderating your drinking will help you obtain a reduced term life insurance quote.

Purchase your term life insurance policy at an early age

The younger you are when you obtain an term life insurance quote, the lower the rate will be – even if you are a smoker.  Compare the insurance quotes for someone in their 20s or 30s, and you can annually save hundreds – if not thousands – in comparison to an individual who is in their 50s.  Given that your risk of mortality increases as you grow older, it is easy to see why insurance companies place such emphasis on age.

If you have a young family, or other dependents, it is important to obtain a term life insurance policy quickly; not only will you enjoy the best rates because of your younger age, but you offer your family protection should the unthinkable occur.

Consider the dangers of your occupation

Insurance companies will ask about your profession in order to ascertain your occupational risk.  Some careers are more dangerous than others; for example, insurance companies may feel that a fireman holds greater mortality risk than an accountant.

With that in mind, consider your current career and whether that holds any occupational hazards.  Could you switch to a “safer” job?  Not only will this keep you safer, but when you compare term life insurance quotes across occupations, you can enjoy a lower rate as well.

If you want to obtain the best term life insurance for smokers, you should take action to change elements of your life you can control, including your drinking habits, weight, and occupation.  When you decide to quit smoking, then insurance companies recommend waiting one full year before you obtain a term life quote.  When you compare the coverage rates from pre-smoking to post-quitting, you will see that your savings will be hundreds annually.