US Financial Life Insurance Co

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US Financial Life Insurance Company

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French company AXA Financial acquired the Ohio-based U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company on the 8th of July in 2004. But prior to becoming a subsidiary of AXA Financial, U.S. Financial has been in service to the country even before the time of the Civil War. Now as an AXA affiliate, this insurance provider upholds the core beliefs and practices of its parent company.

U.S. Financial is successful because of its unique procedure of Clinical Underwriting. The company experienced exponential growth because of this process. U.S. Financial cares deeply for its clients, and this is the reason why this company is extremely dedicated to learning more about the individuals who need the coverage. Aside from that, U.S. Financial’s adherence to high ethical standards also contributed to this company’s reputation as a strong and reliable provider of high-quality products and services. Top insurance company evaluator A.M. Best agreed, and gave U.S. Financial a superior rating for its line of products and satisfactory customer relations.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company has an assortment of life insurance products which were designed for the varying needs of its many clients. Because of the company’s Clinical Underwriting method, a U.S. Financial policy holder is sure to get the very best from this provider.

- Term Life Insurance: The U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company term life insurance is the most economical option for those who are interested to become policy holders for the first time. The coverage that this plan offers is temporary, but an individual may convert or renew his or her policy if necessary. One may choose from the different terms offered by this company. Term life insurance guarantees level premium payments and fixed benefits.

The “life insurance, no medical” standard allows instant access to term life insurance. For those interested in getting this type of plan, a term life insurance quote can give the right information. Details on premiums and other term life insurance policy matters are discussed in this quote. For fast results, one can get a term life insurance quote online.

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10290 Alliance Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242