Unitrin Life Insurance Co

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Unitrin Life Insurance Company is a provider of many kinds of insurance products. Some of the products of Unitrin are property and casualty insurance, auto insurance, life and health insurance, and accident insurance. With this diversity, there’s no doubt why this company owns more than $8 billion worth of assets, and why it has over 6 million clients.

Unitrin Life Ins Co is a company that is driven by good governance, high ethical standards, and top-quality service. These are the main reasons why the company has managed to establish itself as a strong and dependable insurance provider. Unitrin works through its subsidiaries: the Reliable Life Insurance Company, the Union National Life Insurance Company, and the Reserve National Life Insurance Company. With these three companies carrying the Unitrin name, it is definite that Unitrin will continue its excellent service to the country.

Types of Life Insurance Products

Unitrin offers a wide selection of life insurance plans. Whole life and term life are just some of the policies that its subsidiaries issue.

- Term Life Insurance: For inexpensive coverage, one may choose the Unitrin term life insurance plan. A term life insurance policy offers level premium payments and fixed death benefits at various periods. A policy holder may even renew and convert this insurance plan depending on his or her needs.

“Life insurance, no medical” – this insurance industry standard allows any interested party the chance to get instant coverage. Those who would like to get this kind of protection may get a term life insurance quote. This quote explains the procedure of premium payments, various benefits, and other conditions that a term life insurance plan has. For fast results, one may get a free term life insurance quote online.

- Whole Life Insurance: Unitirin’s whole life insurance policy offers to an individual lifetime coverage with all sorts of benefits.

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One East Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60601