Union Central Life Insurance Company

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Union Central Life Insurance Company

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The Cincinnati-based company Union Central Life Insurance Company was founded in 1867. Since its operations began, this company has proven its strength against other major mutual insurance providers. Now it’s included in the top 10 companies in the United States that offers this type of insurance. The Union Central Life Insurance Company prides itself in being part of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA). The company’s commitment to high ethical standards as well as passionate and dedicated service has truly set it apart in the insurance industry. This philosophy has truly helped in making the Union Central Life Insurance Company the best in its 140 years of service.

Types of Life Insurance Products

-Term Life Insurance: The Union Central Life Insurance Company term life insurance policy is the Keystone Term Life Insurance. This was especially designed for new families. An individual may select from the 1, 10, 15, 20, or 30 year plans. This insurance plan may be renewed up to the policy holder’s 100th year. Also, an individual may choose to convert this plan to a permanent policy.

Term life insurance is readily available to anyone because of the “life insurance, no medical” industry standard. For more details, one may consult with a term life insurance quote. Premium payments and benefits are explained here, and for quick results one can get a free term life insurance quote online.

- Excel Provider UL: This universal life insurance plan offers flexibility and death benefits. A Lapse Protection Benefit is also included with this policy.

- Excel Protector: Death and cash benefits are featured in this plan. Premium payments may be adjusted by the policy holder.

- Excel Edge: The smallest amount one may receive as a death benefit is $1 million. Long-term coverage is offered with the Excel Edge. Cash benefits may also be earned.

- Excel Survivor: This survivorship plan promises death benefits for the surviving spouse.

- Excel Performance 500: This is a variable life insurance plan that guarantees a return in investments.

- Excel Accumulator VUL: This variable life insurance policy was designed for businesses and families. Flexible premiums and death benefits are some of the features of this plan.

- Whole Life 98: This whole life insurance plan guarantees lifetime coverage with death and cash benefits.

Company Address:

1876 Waycross Road
P.O. Box 40888
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240