Traveler’s Life & Annuity

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Traveler’s Life & Annuity

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As an affiliate of MetLife, Traveler’s Life & Annuity is committed to serving the country just like its parent company. MetLife has been around since the time of the Civil War, and the company became famous for having agents that made house calls during that period. Currently, MetLife is one of the country’s leading insurers, and its high standards have been passed on to affiliate Traveler’s Life & Annuity. Over 13 million households are covered by MetLife, and this insurance provider is fast gaining more and more loyal clients.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Traveler’s Life & Annuity specializes in term life, universal life, survivorship life, and variable life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: Traveler’s Life & Annuity’s term life insurance policy is the Travelers Special T Level Term. One may choose from the 17 term periods that this company offers. An interested individual may select a period between 5 to 15 years, and a 30 year period is offered as well. This is the most affordable plan from Traveler’s, and it may be converted to a permanent policy.

“Life insurance, no medical” – anyone can get term life insurance because of this standard. For more details on this policy, one can consult with a term life insurance quote. This gives information on terms, premiums, and benefits. The fastest way to learn about this policy is with a term life insurance quote online.

- Universal Life Insurance: The Travelers MVP Universal Life guarantees adjustable premium payments, and a policy holder is covered past the age of 100.

- Survivorship Life Insurance: The Travelers Survivorship Life covers spouses and the surviving spouse receives death benefits. Assistance with estate tax payment is also offered. The Travelers Variable Survivorship Life II guarantees death benefits without incurrent estate and income taxes.

- Variable Life Insurance: The Travelers Variable Life offers cash and death benefits. Policy holders may select from 51 investment choices. The Travelers Variable Life Accumulator offers the same benefits, but this plan is more focused on the cash value.

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1 Cityplace
Hartford, CT 06103-3415