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The first thing that one remembers when the company TransAmerica is mentioned is the image of the tall pyramid. The pyramid is a symbol of power and TransAmerica is truly a company that exemplifies this. The company has over a century of experience to its credit, and founder A.P. Giannini was responsible for the fast growth of this company. TransAmerica’s successes include the establishment of Budget Rent-a-Car and United Artists, but aside from putting up these companies, TransAmerica also provides for individuals all over the country. This company offers insurance products to individuals and their families, as well as businesses. With its many services to the community, TransAmerica is indeed a company of towering strength, just like its building in San Francisco.

Types of Life Insurance Products

TransAmerica offers term life, whole life, universal life, survivorship universal life, and variable universal life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The TransAmerica term life insurance policy is perfect for individuals who are looking for their first insurance policies. TransAmerica’s Trendsetter Super Series comes in 10, 15, 20, or 30 year periods. Term life insurance from TransAmerica is affordable and renewable.

“Life insurance, no medical” – anyone can get term life insurance and experience its benefits. For more details, one can get a term life insurance quote. This will explain the matters on premium payments, benefits, and other conditions. The fastest way to get insurance information is through a term life insurance quote online.

- Whole Life Insurance: Lifetime coverage is offered, as well as death and cash benefits. Interested parties may choose between the TransSecure and Final Expense plans.

- Universal Life Insurance: Coverage is offered with flexible premiums. TransUltra SP/LP, TransACE SP/LP, and TransValue are the universal life plans from TransAmerica.

- Survivorship Universal Life: Spouses are covered with this type of insurance. Couples are assisted with their estate tax payments. TransAmerica’s TransAce Survivor GL/EX gives the surviving spouse benefits.

- Variable Universal Life: Coverage is offered in this plan, as well as cash benefits and investment choices. One may choose from the TransAccumulator VUL, TransUltra VUL, and the TransSurvivor VUL.

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4 Manhattanville Road
Purchase, New York 10577