Torchmark Company

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Torchmark Company

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Since five insurance companies are currently working under the Torchmark name, there is no doubt that the Torchmark Corporation is responsible for providing individuals the best possible products and services. Torchmark’s companies issue all kinds of life, health, and accidental death insurance policies. Aside from these insurance products, the Torchmark Corporation also offers Medicare supplements, annuities, and long-term plans for the senior citizen group. The Torchmark Corporation values diversity, which is why this company has a very wide network that will come to the assistance of its many clients. With companies American Income Life Insurance Company, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, Liberty National Life Insurance Company, United Investors Life Insurance Company, and United American Insurance Company as Torchmark’s subsidiaries, there’s no doubt that the Torchmark Corporation will continue its excellent and dependable service to the community.

Types of Life Insurance Products

Through its subsidiaries, the Torchmark Corporation offers an assortment of insurance, supplemental, and health care products. Torchmark’s life insurance policies were designed to accommodate the needs of those who belong to the middle-income group.

- Term Life Insurance: The Torchmark Corporation term life insurance is issued by its various subsidiaries. Term life insurance is the most affordable of all life insurance policies. The coverage is only temporary and there are different pay periods that an individual can choose from. Term life insurance in convertible and renewable, and a policy holder can get many benefits according to his or preferences. Fixed premiums and death benefits are guaranteed with a term life insurance plan.

“Life insurance, no medical” – this standard allows anyone to take advantage of the features of a term life plan. For a detailed description, one may get a term life insurance quote. This explains the matters of terms, premium payments, and benefits. Instant results may be received from a term life insurance quote online.

Company Address:

2001 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233