Reliastar Life Insurance Company

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Reliastar Life Insurance Company

Company Summary:

The Reliastar Life Insurance Company is an affiliate of the ING Group, which is an Amsterdam-based institution that specializes in investment and finance management. The ING Group is found all over the world, as it successfully serves 50 countries. In the United States, its headquarters can be found in Atlanta, Georgia, and it has more than 14 million loyal customers in the country. The Reliastar Life Insurance Company is committed to its affiliate’s objectives of providing excellent and dependable coverage. Insurance company evaluators A.M.Best, Fitch, and Moody’s commends this company’s dedication to service, as it gives them superior rankings for financial strength and customer satisfaction.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Reliastar Life Insurance Company offers a selection of term life and variable universal life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The Reliastar Life Insurance Company term life insurance guarantees full and immediate coverage at a low price. This is the most affordable choice for those interested to become policy holders. The terms from Reliastar range from 10 to 30 years. The death benefits one can get may be as low as $100,000, but one can also receive as much as $3 million. Some term life insurance policies from Reliastar may be renewed up to the insured’s 95th year, while all policies may be converted to cash.

Reliastar follows the “life insurance, no medical” standard, so anyone can get coverage without the need for an examination. A term life insurance quote will guide one about premium payments and policy details. For more information, one may get a term life insurance quote online.

- Variable Universal Life Insurance: The Reliastar Life Insurance Company variable universal life insurance policy offers interested individuals adjustable premium payments, dollar cost averaging, and numerous investment choices. Death benefits may also be adjusted according to the policy holder’s preferences.

Company Address:

20 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401