Pyramid Life Insurance Company

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Pyramid Life Insurance Company

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Founded in 1913, the Pyramid Life Insurance Company has been dedicated to serving the senior citizens of America for almost a century now. The company offers a wide selection of insurance policies for the country’s senior population. But aside from coverage, the Pyramid Life Insurance Company also gives its loyal policy holders support in their financial matters and various health situations. As a subsidiary of the Universal American Financial Corporation, Pyramid Life shows the strength and stability of its parent company. Currently, the Pyramid Life Insurance Company owns more than $120 million in premiums, and it continues to modify its products for its many clients.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Pyramid Life Insurance Company has products made especially for seniors. These are the Ten-year Term Life Insurance, the Old-Fashioned Whole Life, the Senior Life, the Simplified Life, and the Asset Enhancer II policies.

- Ten-year Term Life Insurance: The Pyramid Life Insurance Company term life insurance is the most affordable policy that an interested party can get. This policy’s premiums are fixed, and one can renew this policy up to the age of 70. It may also be converted to a permanent plan until age 65. Parties who are 20 to 60 years of age can take advantage of this term life insurance plan and receive death benefits and riders.

Because Pyramid Life follows the “life insurance, no medical” standard, anyone can have access to instant coverage. A term life insurance quote explains the benefits and payments of this plan. For more details, one can get a term life insurance quote online.

- Old-Fashioned Whole Life: This whole life plan features level premiums, death and cash benefits, and accelerated death benefits. Anyone from age 0 to 85 can get this plan. Riders are available with extra costs.

- Senior Life: Those who are 40 to 85 years of age will receive assistance when it comes to paying mortgages, hospital bills, final expenses, and other debts. Fixed premiums and death and cash benefits are guaranteed with this plan.

- Simplified Life: Made for those aged 50 to 80, this insurance plan is similar to Senior Life plan, but it offers less coverage.

- Asset Enhancer II: Investments are protected from tax by this insurance policy. Fixed premiums, cash benefits, and riders are also offered in this plan.

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1001 Heathrow Park Lane Suite 5001
Lake Mary, FL 32746