Principal Financial Group

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Principal Financial Group

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The Principal Financial Group was founded in 1879. Presently, its headquarters are in Des Moines Iowa, but in the past hundred years, this company has truly made its presence felt all over the country. The financial group’s success in the United States is due to the vast range of services that it offers. Aside from life and health insurance, the Principal Financial Group also offers aid to retirees and investors. It also helps businesses with their operations and finances. Because of these many services, the Principal Financial Group has acquired a massive $188 billion worth of assets, and rankings in the Fortune and Forbes magazines as one of the biggest corporations in the United States.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Principal Financial Group offers term life, universal life, variable life, and survivorship life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The Principal Financial Group term life insurance is the best choice for those on a tight budget. This is also the ideal plan for first-time policy holders. While this coverage is only temporary, one may still receive a lot of benefits. Interested parties may choose from 1, 5, 10, or 20 year periods. Death benefits are guaranteed in this plan. Term life insurance may also be converted to a permanent plan.

A term life insurance quote is available to interested parties. Because of the “life insurance, no medical” industry standard, anyone can get term life insurance. For details on premium payments, benefits, and other matters, one can get a term life insurance quote online.

- Universal Life Insurance: The benefits and premium payments are flexible with this plan. A policy holder may even receive cash benefits at a given interest rate.

- Variable Life Insurance: This is similar to the universal life insurance plan, but the variable life insurance policy from the Principal Financial Group offers more flexibility.

- Survivorship Life Insurance: Spouses are covered with this policy. The surviving spouse will receive death benefits.

Company Address:

711 High Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50392