Northwestern Mutual

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Northwestern Mutual

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The Northwestern Mutual insurance company was established in 1857, and after over a century of service to Americans, it has finally become the country’s top provider of life insurance. Currently, it insures more than 3 million individuals across the country, and it has $145 billion worth of assets. Aside from these enviable figures, Northwestern Mutual has also been part of Fortune magazine’s “America’s Most Admired” list for 24 years now. What is truly impressive about this company is its unmatchable success in the industry, despite the fact that it did not advertise its services to the community for quite some time. But whether or not this insurance provider made itself known to the country, it still received the highest possible ratings from insurance company evaluators A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s, and S&P for financial strength and customer satisfaction.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Northwestern Mutual insurance company offers term life, permanent life, combination life, and variable life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The Northwestern Mutual term life insurance plan is the most reasonably priced among the company’s products. Its affordability allows individuals to have instant coverage. An interested party may choose the Term-80 policy from Northwestern. Death benefits are guaranteed up to the policy holder’s 80th year. This term life insurance plan may also be converted to a permanent policy. For those who want shorter term policies, the 10 year and 20 year plans are also available.

For more details on this policy, one can get a term life insurance quote. Life insurance, no medical – because of this industry rule, anyone can get coverage instantly. A free term life insurance quote online will inform one about premium payments, terms, and other specifications of term life insurance.

- Permanent Life Insurance: This plan offers lifetime coverage with a flexible payment schedule and the chance to earn cash benefits.

- Combination Life Insurance: The Northwestern Mutual combination life insurance allows policy holders to have control over their financial assets,

- Variable Life Insurance: This insurance plan offers coverage, but also allows a policy holder to turn his or her cash benefits into worthy investments.

Company Address:

720 East Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202-4797