New York Life

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New York Life

Company Summary:

The New York Life insurance company is a true innovator. It is best known as the first company that offered cash dividends and insured women at an equal rate with men. This insurance provider has truly set a standard that the rest of the industry learned to follow and uphold. Aside from these first feats, New York Life also began providing insurance to people with dangerous jobs and disabilities.

Innovation has been the mark of this insurance provider for the past 160 years. Now, it also boasts financial strength and prowess. $160 billion worth of assets and superior ratings from insurance company evaluators A.M. Best, Moody’s, Fitch, and S&P prove that the New York Life insurance company is a true leader in the business.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The New York Life insurance company offers term life, whole life, universal life, variable universal life, and survivorship life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The New York Life term life insurance plan is the most economical choice for first-time policy holders. Coverage is only temporary, and one may select from the 5 Year Term, 20 Year Term, Increasing Premium Term, and Term to Age 90 Insurance policies.

Life insurance, no medical – New York term life insurance is available to anyone. A term life insurance quote will serve as a guide for interested individuals. For more information on premium payments and other requirements, one may get a term life insurance quote online.

- Whole Life Insurance: Lifetime coverage is offered by New York Life in the Whole Life and Modified Premium Whole Life Plans. Cash and death benefits may vary with each plan.

- Universal Life Insurance: Aside from permanent coverage, cash benefits may also be earned with this policy. One may select from the NYLIAC Protector, NYLIAC Accumulator, and NYLIAC Asset Preserver policies.

- Variable Universal Life Insurance: Investment options, cash benefits, and permanent coverage are offered in this type of insurance policy. New York Life offers the Variable Universal Life 2000, NYLIAC Single Premium Universal Life – Series 3, and NYLIAC Variable Universal Life Provider plans.

- Survivorship Life Insurance: Death benefits are given to the surviving spouse of the insured couple.

Company Address:

51 Madison Avenue, Suite 3200
New York, New York 10010