Minnesota Life

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Minnesota Life

Company Summary:

The Minnesota Life insurance company has been in service for more than 125 years. Found in all U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico, this insurance provider is known for its investment and pension products. The company values the trust of its clients, and with core values of strength, quality, and integrity, Minnesota Life has truly earned the respect of the community. Currently, Minnesota Life has $29 billion in assets, $610 billion of insurance in force, and more than 8 million clients across the country. The figures don’t lie and only prove that Minnesota Life is truly one of the leaders in the insurance industry.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Minnesota Life insurance company offers term life, adjustable life, whole life, and variable life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The Minnesota Life term life insurance policy is called advantage term. It’s a reasonably priced plan that offers an array of benefits and riders. This plan may be converted before a policy holder turns 65, but only during the first ten years of the policy. Life insurance, no medical – this Minnesota Life plan is for everyone.

Information about premiums and other expenses may be found on a term life insurance quote. For fast results, one may get a term life insurance quote online.

- Adjustable Life Insurance: With the Adjustable Life Legend or Life Summit, an individual may gain lifetime coverage with flexible premium payments and adjustable cash and death benefits. The Adjustable Life plans offer different options which suit the policy holder’s preferences.

- Whole Life Insurance: The Minnesota Life whole life plan – Classic Life – assures lifetime coverage for an individual and his or her family. Affordable premiums, fixed coverage, flexible payments and cash benefits are guaranteed in this plan.

- Variable Life Insurance: Those with changing needs can opt for a variable life insurance plan instead. An interested party may select from the Variable Adjustable Life Summit, Life Horizon, and Life Survivor plans. Lifetime financial aid, cash and death benefits, partnership coverage, and tax and estate needs may be received with the right variable life insurance plan.

Company Address:

400 Robert St. N.
St. Paul, MN 55101