MassMutual Life Insurance Company

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MassMutual Life Insurance Company

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The MassMutual Financial group has been in service to the country since 1851, surviving major international economic upsets. The effects of numerous wars and the Great Depression have tested the strength of this company, but MassMutual has triumphed over such difficulties. Its success in adversity has earned for this company a reputation of stability and strength.

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company is this Fortune 100 company’s insurance arm. This insurance provider is known worldwide, and an impressive figure of 11 million has been served by this company. Because of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company’s experience with such catastrophic events, this provider made certain that its products and services are of excellent quality. No matter the situation, Massachusetts Mutual Life’s insurance plans offer immediate coverage to its policy holders.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company offers different term life, whole life, and universal life insurance policies.

- Term Life Insurance: The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company term life insurance policies give a good amount of coverage for a low price. Term life insurance is the most affordable plan for first-time policy holders, and this company offers quite a diverse selection. An individual may choose a 1, 5, or 10 year term policy, but longer periods are also available.

Life insurance, no medical – anyone can get coverage instantly. Interested parties may get a term life insurance quote for more information about this plan. A free term life insurance quote online is the best guide for premium payments and other expenses.

- Whole Life Insurance: The Massachusetts Manual Life Insurance Company provides its clients with ten choices for whole life insurance. Cash values, death benefits, fixed premiums, and even dividends are promised to policy holders.

- Universal Life Insurance: For a minimum premium payment, one can still get the benefits from the Massachusetts Manual Life Insurance Company’s universal life insurance plan. A policy holder can adjust premium payments and death benefits to his or her preference. Interest rates are also maintained at a minimum, operating charges are fixed, and no-lapse guarantees are also offered.

- Variable Universal Life Insurance: The Massachusetts Manual Life Insurance Company Variable Universal Life Insurance comes in four forms: VUL Guard, Survivorship VUL Guard, Variable Universal Life II, and Survivorship Variable Universal Life II. Cash, death, and survivorship benefits vary with these policies.

Company Address:

1295 State Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01111