Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Company Name:

Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Company Summary:

The Jackson National Life Insurance Company began its operations in 1961. Although a young company in the insurance industry, this provider has already accomplished quite a feat. In 1984, it was able to surpass the billion-dollar mark in assets, and since then this company has been successful in gaining more income and establishing its name as a reliable insurance provider that offers only high-quality products. Currently, the company has $65 billion in assets, and this amount continues to grow each day. With superior ratings from insurance company evaluators A.M. Best, Moody’s, Fitch, and S&P, this company is guaranteed to perform excellently and provide top of the line products.

Types of Life Insurance Products

The Jackson National Life Insurance Company offers an assortment of insurance policies.

- Term Life: The Jackson National Life Insurance Company term life insurance is the most affordable of all policies. The initial expenses are low and the premium payments remain the same throughout the duration of the policy. It’s convertible and renewable. Life insurance, no medical – anyone can get a term life insurance policy instantly. A term life insurance quote will help one determine his or her preferred term and premium payment. Getting one is easy, and a term life insurance quote online is available to anyone who is interested in this kind of protection.

- Variable Universal Life: This policy features a combination of death benefits and investment pay-offs. This is a flexible plan and the benefits may also vary according to the policy holder’s investments.

- Universal Life: Lifetime coverage is offered by this policy. Payments may be adjusted according to interest rates. Death and cash and benefits are guaranteed by this plan.

- Survivorship Universal Life: This plan is offered to couples. The surviving spouse will receive benefits with this policy. Also, the possessions of couples are protected from estate taxes.

Company Address:

1 Corporate Way
Lansing, MI 48951