Companion Life

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Companion Life

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Companion Life has been in service to the community for over 35 years now. Since its founding in 1971, this insurance provider’s aim has been to give products that offer full coverage and protection to employees in whatever situation. The demand for Companion Life insurance products has been overwhelming for the company, but this insurance provider has successfully managed to respond to the needs of employees in 45 states, as well as those in British Columbia. The South Carolina company received an A+ rating from insurance company evaluator A.M. Best, and it continues its commitment of excellent service to employees.

Types of Life Insurance Products

Companion Life specializes in insurance products for groups.

- Trust Group: The trust group policy insures 2 to 9 employees at a time. Part of this insurance plan is the Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment feature. The AD&D package is offered at a flat rate to individual employees, but if purchased as a group, members may also receive the benefits based on their jobs. When a group member reaches the age of 65, his or her benefits will be decreased by 65%. At 75, a group member will not longer receive benefits.

- True Group: The true group policy insures 10 employees or more. The Companion Life term life insurance plan falls under this policy. Term life insurance is an affordable insurance option. With the “life insurance, no medical” policy, any individual or group may take advantage of this plan’s benefits. A term life insurance quote will help determine the cost of investment and premium payments. For more details, a term life insurance quote online is available for interested parties.

Group members who subscribe to this policy will receive life and death benefits. This is the most flexible insurance option for groups.

- Voluntary Group Benefits: Employers may offer their workers different policies from Companion Life. The premium payments are taken from an employee’s salary.

Company Address:

P.O. Box 100102
Columbia, SC 29202-3102