Bankers Life and Casualty Company

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Bankers Life and Casualty Company

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The Bankers Life and Casualty Company has been providing service to the United States for over 125 years now. It has earned quite a reputation for its reliability and it’s one of the biggest insurance companies in the country. Currently, the focus of the Bankers Life and Casualty Company is giving American senior citizens coverage. “We Specialize in Seniors.” – this is the statement that this Illinois-based company lives by. This insurance provider comes to the aid of seniors by offering them an assortment of insurance policies, all at affordable costs.

Types of Life Insurance Products

- Term Life Insurance: A term life insurance policy usually offers coverage for a maximum of twenty years, but the Bankers Life and Casualty Company term life insurance policies are different. Interested individuals may choose among the Level Term Insurance, the Decreasing Term Insurance, the Credit Life Insurance, and the Increasing Term Insurance policies. These vary in terms of premium payments, benefits, and coverage. For a more detailed explanation and a term life insurance quote, one can go to the company’s website. A free term life insurance quote online is available, and with the “life insurance, no medical” standard, it’s really quite easy to have this kind of protection.

- Permanent Life Insurance: Having a permanent life insurance policy means that the premiums which a person pays will be split into two. Half will be for insurance coverage, while the other half will go to a person’s cash benefits.

- Whole Life Insurance: A lifetime of coverage is provided by this policy. The beneficiary will receive the face value of this policy upon the death of the insured.

- Limited Pay Policies: Higher premiums are required from the policy holders, but the cash benefits increase faster than other policies.

- Single-Premium Whole Life: A very high premium is necessary for this policy, but the period for payment is much shorter.

- Universal Life Insurance: Premium payments are flexible, and this feature makes cash and death benefits vary as well.

- Juvenile Insurance: This type of insurance is for the benefit of a child, and this policy follows the standard rates and premiums. This policy can offer cash benefits or loan values.

Company Address:

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL 60654