AXA Financial Company

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AXA Financial Company

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As one of the members of the French insurance company AXA, The New York-based AXA Financial Company offers protection for finances as well wealth management. The AXA Financial Company has several subsidiaries, and these include the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, an insurance company that was established in 1859, and the US Financial Life Insurance Company, which has been providing services to the Americans since before the Civil War. With a number of companies under this financial group, the AXA Financial Company has truly established itself as one of its industry’s leaders.

Types of Life Insurance Products

- Term Life Insurance: The AXA Financial Life Insurance Company Term Life Insurance is the best investment a person can make. It is the most affordable type of life insurance, and a person can have this coverage from one to thirty years. Term life insurance can be purchased easily because of the “life insurance, no medical exam” standard that applies to most life insurance companies. A term life insurance quote is quite helpful for interested individuals. For those who want to be policy holders, AXA offers a term life insurance quote online.

- Whole Life Insurance: For lifetime coverage and death benefits, a person may opt for whole life insurance instead.

- Variable Life Insurance: Just like whole life insurance, the duration of a policy holder’s life is covered, but he or she may use other investments to take advantage of this service.

- Universal Life Insurance: Universal life insurance allows policy holders to use their investment options, but there is less of a guarantee when it come to receiving cash and death benefits.

- Variable Universal Life Insurance: The variable universal life insurance is a combination of the universal and variable life policies. Premium payments are flexible, but purchasing this plan could involve some risk.

- Survivorship Life Insurance: This insurance policy is designed for couples. The surviving partner receives benefits after his or her spouse’s death.

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1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104