American Mayflower Life Insurance Company

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American Mayflower Life Insurance Company

Company Summary:

Currently, the American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of New York is a subsidiary of Genworth Financial. It was acquired by the First Colony Life Insurance Company in 1972, but prior to this event, the insurance company has been serving the state of New York since 1957 by insuring livestock. In 1964, the American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of New York switched from offering animal insurance to providing much needed life insurance. Over the years, the company has gained a reputation for its excellent service. Insurance evaluators AM Best and S&P gave the company A+ and AA- ratings, respectively.

Types of Life Insurance Products

- Term Life Insurance: The American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of New York Term life insurance is the most economical choice to make for individuals. It offers temporary protection, but this kind of policy can be quickly renewed. A term life insurance quote will help one determine the amount required to be covered by a policy. With the “life insurance, no medical” standard, it’s easy to become a policy holder. For those interested in this kind of protection, getting a term life insurance quote online is the first step to take.

- Whole Life Insurance: Whole Life Insurance offers more benefits than term life insurance. An example would be cash benefits. For lifetime coverage, this insurance company offers two kinds of whole life insurance. The first is the limited payment whole life insurance and the other kind is simply the whole life insurance. Different amounts of premium are paid for these two policies.

- Waiver of Premium Rider: This policy is ideal for emergencies. Should a policy holder be injured and completely disabled during the term of the plan, then the payments of premium shall be waived for the time being. This insurance plan is valid for the holder up to the age of 60.

Company Address:

622 Third Avenue, 33rd floor
New York, New York 10017