American Life Direct Ins Co

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American Life Direct

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American Life Direct prides itself as a company that offers the quickest service when it comes to term life insurance. Anyone can sign up for a policy and this company allows an individual to apply for an insurance plan on their website in just ten minutes. A term life insurance quote is one of the things that American Life Direct offers, but before this company became of the fastest providers for term life insurance, it was already in operation for over a century. Since 1905, American Life Direct has gained the favor of many, and they are now present in 49 states. The company boasts products that are truly affordable for the individual and his or her family, and services which are flexible and dependable.

Types of Life Insurance Products

An American Life Direct term life insurance policy is easy and affordable to acquire. Anyone can get a term life insurance quote online, and the procedure of getting a policy only takes up just a few minutes of one’s time. Life insurance, no medical – this is one of the terms that American Life Direct has, so there’s really no hassle in applying for an insurance plan. Once a person accomplishes the online forms, he or she is given instant coverage and protection. The policy allows a member to select an amount from 25,000 to 150,000 dollars. American Life Direct even offers a 31-day period where a policy holder can see whether or not the insurance plan works according to his or her finances. American Life Direct assures its clients that the benefits will remain the same throughout the term, and that the premiums will in no way increase.

American Life Direct offers the Optional Children’s Rider and Optional Accidental Death Rider. Aside from these additional services, one can even manage his or her insurance policies online.

Company Address:

27881 La Paz Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677