AIG American General Ins Co

Company Name:

AIG American General

Company Summary:

AIG American General Insurance Co is a Texas-based company and it is one of the leading providers of life insurance in the United States. With almost a hundred years of high-quality service in their company history, AIG American General has gained quite a loyal clientele. This insurance company upholds good customer relations through their many branches and agents found all over the country. One of their objectives as a company is to show utmost concern for the American family’s present and future. It is because of this goal that made AIG American General one of the most trusted and respected names when it comes to life insurance providers in Northern America.

Types of Life Insurance Products

- Term Life Insurance: A policy holder is offered benefits at a certain amount of payment for a specific period of time, according to a term life insurance quote. A low premium expense is required, but this amount can increase over time. Aetna term life insurance can be easily applied for and one can also get a term life insurance quote online from the company’s website,

- Group Term Life Insurance: AIG is known for offering employee benefits, and the group term life insurance plan is ideal for employers looking for a decent package for their employees. Life insurance, no medical – this rule applies to the group term life insurance policy.

- Group Universal Life: A universal life insurance policy allows a member to choose the amount of premium paid to insurance and savings, as well as the benefits of the package. This policy is flexible, but the premium must cover the policy’s monthly maintenance cost.

- AD&D Ultra: AIG’s Accidental death and Dismemberment Ultra is the improved version of their AD&D package, and this includes more coverage with no additional premium. Some of the benefits of this policy are coma, child care, and education benefits. Passenger restraint and airbag benefit and repatriation of remains benefit are also included. This policy assures long-lasting protection for the family.

Company Address:

2929 Allen Parkway
Houston, Texas 77019