AARP Life Insurance Program

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AARP Life Insurance Program from New York Life

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New York Life has been providing the country support for over a century now. The company boasts quite a history of successfully helping out those who endured the financial consequences of various epidemics, wars, and changes in the nation’s economic trends. The AARP Life Insurance Program is the latest addition to the services of New York Life, and now, insurance is available to seniors who would like to live the rest of their lives comfortably. New York Life is “The Company You Keep” and its AARP Life Insurance Program is proof of this claim.

Types of Life Insurance Products

- Level Benefit Term Life: The AARP Term Life Insurance is ideal for paying off mortgages and funeral costs, and those aged 50 to 74 (except for Washington residents where the age bracket is from 50 to 69) will be covered starting day one. A term life insurance quote requires one to answer just 3 health questions. With Term Life Insurance, a policy holder’s premiums increase every five years until her or she reaches 80. To get a term life insurance quote online, visit

- Permanent Life Plus: The Permanent Life Plus allows one to have a cash source, should an unfortunate incident occur. Life insurance, no medical exam required – those who are 50 to 80 can instantly get benefits (up to 63 for Washington residents). Age on issue date is the basis for the premium amount, but benefits do not decrease with age. Policy holders may even be covered for life.

- Guaranteed Acceptance Life: Those aged 50 to 80 can get the Guaranteed Acceptance Life policy without a medical examination. Cash benefits are provided for hospitalization expenses, funeral costs, and mortgages. For the first 2 years, AARP pays a limited amount for deaths not caused by accidents. A policy holder may be covered up to age 100. The Guaranteed Acceptance Life policy assures future funds for children, grandchildren, or the policy holder’s surviving spouse.

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P.O. Box 30709
Tampa, FL 33633-09